Pupil Premium

Where children have been adopted from care, placed under Special Guardianship or subject to a Child Arrangement Order (formerly known as a Residence Order) schools are eligible for the Pupil Premium.  Pupil Premium funding currently provides £2300 per year (for Reception to Year 11) and £300 (for age Pre-school children aged 3 and 4).

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools to tackle some of the specific challenges eligible children face which might put them at a disadvantage to their peers

In order for schools to receive this funding, we need to know children are eligible when we complete the school’s census return in January 2019.

We will not necessarily be aware that they have an adopted or a previously looked after child with us. Therefore, it would be helpful for parents and guardians to present their child’s information.

If your child is eligible please contact the school office on 01924 632705. Pleased be assured that this information will be handled discretely.

Further information

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools in England to tackle disadvantage and diminish the differences between eligible children and their peers

What are the eligibility criteria?

Maintained and Non-maintained schools will attract Pupil Premium for children:

  • That were adopted from care in England;
  • That left care under a Special Guardianship Order;
  • That left care under a Child Arrangement Order;
  • Are in Reception to Year 11 (£2300) and Age 3+ (£300).

Why are children adopted from care and those who leave care under a special guardianship order or child arrangement order eligible for Pupil Premium?

Children who have been separated from their birth family have experienced loss and many experienced trauma in their early lives.  These children can often need more support in schools to thrive and get the best out of school.

These children’s early experiences can often have a long lasting impact, particularly in school.  Therefore, teachers and schools play an essential role in helping children both emotionally, socially and academically by providing specific support to help them make progress and address their wider needs.


How will schools access Pupil Premium?

Funding is paid directly to schools for schools to use in relation to supporting the eligible child.  Parents and guardians need to self-declare their child’s status to the school where the child is on roll

Parents and Guardians will be required to provide evidence to the school, for example the Adoption Order or a letter from the local authority that originally looked after the child.

The school will use this evidence to record the child’s status on the school census. Once the schools have declared a child’s eligibility on the school census, they can access Pupil Premium funding.

How is this funding paid?

Funding is paid directly to schools.

Is the funding ring-fenced for each child?

No. Funding is not ring-fenced and schools can pool Pupil Premium money for numerous children to pay for collective support to gain maximum impact from the funding. You can ask your school to explain how they have used the Pupil Premium funding

The Pupil Premium is additional money for the schools to improve the educational and personal outcomes of disadvantaged children. It is not intended that the additional funding should be used to increase the general school budget nor that the funding should be used to support other groups of children.

 Ofsted will look during and inspection at effective use of Pupil Premium funding.

Where can parents and guardians go for advice and guidance regarding the education of children who have previously been looked after?

Two way communication with schools is essential to ensure the best outcomes for children. Regular dialogue with the schools Designated Teacher for children who have previously been looked after should be the first port of call for any questions or concerns you may have.

Advice and guidance can also be sought from the Head Teacher of the Virtual School for children in Care and Post Looked After Children:

Melissa Young 01925 442933 – TheVirtualSchool@warrington.gov.uk





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