P4C ( Philosophy for Children )

P4C is a vital part of at Meadowside.   

In P4C children learn to raise their own questions and build on each other’s ideas, thinking deeply about things that really matter to them. We are using this approach to teaching and learning to encourage critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

It is built on three principles:

–       children tackle profound philosophical questions developing oracy
–       children take leadership of the lesson
–       children learn respect and resilience to challenge other opinions.


Philosophy for children (P4C) is an opportunity for children to come together as a whole class on a weekly basis to provide a platform for discussion. These sessions allow every child to speak freely without feeling pressure in an inclusive atmosphere. It gives the children a chance to voice their opinions and listen to their peers in a structured and nurturing environment. The aim of P4C at Meadowside, is to develop children’s oracy and vocabulary, increasing confidence when speaking in front of a groups and to increase concentration span. P4C also helps children to become more critical thinkers and encourages them to transfer their philosophies into their written work. It is also a chance for children to raise topics that they are particularly interested in and are relevant to them.


P4C begins in reception, where children start to explore how to form questions and the appropriate language to use when having a conversation. A primary emphasis is on children learning when it is their turn to talk and actually listening to others. In KS1,  children are able to discuss topics that are related to other curriculum areas and have time to rehearse vocabulary and critically discuss upcoming issues. In KS2,  P4C develops to encompass world and current affairs as well as social issues that may have direct influence upon the children lives. By this stage, children are able to debate issues using their developing skills and language.


The impact of P4C is to help pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development equipping them to be thoughtful, caring and active citizens in an inclusive school and in a diverse wider society. It will also prepare them to enter secondary education with the ability to think and articulate their opinions independently.


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