Year 6 visit to Warrington Islamic Center

Date: 6th Oct 2017 @ 3:38pm

On the 5th October, we visited the Warrington Islamic Center to explore the features of a Mosque. As we walked in, there was some Arabic caligraphy along with a phenomenal pattern that amazed us. Ten minuates later,we saw the lslamic wash rooms,which were also incredibly beautiful and patterned. A pequliar sign said,

"Enter with your right foot."

A student asked why it said this and our tour guide answered,

"Because Muslims find it respectful if when you enter a holy place you go in with your right foot first, and if your just going to a normal place enter with your left foot."

We were all interested in this. In the Prayer Hall,the children were asked to sit down on a rather petite, plastic table and were told this is the Muslim work desks, so when they get home from school they spend an hour talking about the koran or just normal things like we talk about at school. The Prayer mats were fantastic, we knelt down on them and did a quiz boys against girls to win a delicious whisper chocolate bar. In the end, it came to a draw so everyone got some chocolate.

                                                             Written by Melissa Year 6 Elder.

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