It Must Have Been Hard To be a Victorian

Date: 12th Oct 2017 @ 3:21pm

Did you know that children in Victorian times has to do disgusting, hard jobs around the house and it wasn’t even their house! Can you imagine having to empty someone’s wee from their bed pan? Yak! Yesterday we went to Dunham Massey to discover what it was really like and we had a great time, but it must have been a hard life.

One of the hard jobs was doing Lady Stamford’s washing. But, they did not have a washing machine so they had to do in in a tub. It was really hard work using the dolly, turning it 10 times. Turning the the heavy handle on the mangle and grating the soap into soap flakes. We are lucky to just use a washing machine.

We also found out that some people were so poor that they had to poach animals to eat so we had to help the gamekeeper, Mr Adams, catch them. We found Sam the robber he had a snare to catch a rabbit in the sack and he did not go to church because he must have been up late catching the rabbit. Everyone would have gone to church unless they were too tired. His real job was a mole catcher. It must have been a hard life catching moles if you had to steel to get food.

The second hard job was emptying a jug of wee from under Lady Stamford’s servants beds. It would have been bad enough emptying your own.   It would be smelly and horrible.

We had good day at Dunham Massey!


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