Age Restrictions

Date: 20th Nov 2017 @ 1:08pm

Why are there age restrictions on games/social media – discuss reasons.

I think that people should now people s history to now who they are playing with but the person who they are playing with needs their history to be safe it's hard to make the right choice to protect the people who play on the internet even though they need to now and they also need their history safe so now one can track people and do mental or really harm someone the internet is troubling place so what do you think? Kaitlyn


Age restrictions are the numbers at the bottom left corner but you my think that they spoil fun. WRONG!!!! They are easy to see but they keep us safe and if you get a game like Grand theft auto you could get the idea " I will do it ." You could get in big trouble. When you by a game like Minecraft it says two plus and that means people under one can't play it . Always give information... WRONG!!!!!! If you give your information away could get hacked or get kidnapped. Your best way to escape hackers is to egnore or to repot them for any reason. Now you understand that the age restrictions help you and now stay as safe as you can! Matthew


I think age restrictions are very important because if you lie about your age on sites like Facebook you might see scary or disturbing photos, messages or videos. Also if you put any information about you on websites people might find out your personal information and could find out much more things about you then you should. Scarlett


If you don't like something that isn't your age just turn it of or even leave the room if it is on a television.Another thing is if a game asks you for your age and your other information tell the truth because you might see something that you don't want to see and that will happen because anything could happen if you change you age .Don't listen to your friends if they say that you should go on a website because it will or sometimes might have inappropriate words or photos that you shouldn't be able to see.Always be careful with things like instagram ,Facebook ,twitter and all things like that.The final or one of the final is one is don't give your personal information away because some people have sent on Facebook on how they look where they live and when there birthday after that happens someone could kidnap you or try to hurt you.The actual last one is another thing about personal information so if you have a bank card make sure if you are taking a picture move it out of the way so people can't see it. Charley


I think that age restrictions are important because if the app/game asks you for your age it will be very good because age restrictions help us to be safe on online/social media.If you have some social media remember to never lie about your age when it asks you.Always write your true age. Be careful to NEVER share you password or username to anyone no matter who.(share it to your parents if you want.)And when you buy a game for your play station or Xbox or whatever then ALWAYS check for the age before buying. Wiktoria


I think that you shouldn't watch thing that aren't for your age because you will be scared for the rest of the day and plus it would disturb you in the night because you won't be able to sleep in the night you will just be dreaming of what ever you have watched and you even need to be really carful when you go on online social media when you put your own information. Melissa

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